When I talk with her, I always feel comfortable and free from judgment, and her tone is always warm and never condescending.”

A. S., Houston, TX

“Megan is the real deal! She helped me unpack my stuff. I highly recommend her.”

– M. S., Jeffersonville, IN

“Megan is a super, wonderful, sensitive and incredibly intelligent woman. I would recommend her to anyone!”

– J. F., Louisville, KY

“Megan is incredibly insightful, patient and an excellent therapist. I highly recommend.”

L. J., Louisville, KY

“Megan is a great listener and teacher. She will walk with you out of the dark and into the light.”

E. M., Valrico, FL

“Since working with Megan, I have found myself becoming calmer, more thoughtful and mindful.  The processes which Megan has guided me through have been incredibly beneficial for my life and my life situations.  I’m in a stressful field of business and her guidance has helped me to take a deep (and mindful) breath!”

K. E., Louisville, KY

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