Congratulations!! You have taken your first step toward learning how to deal with difficult people in a way that works best for you!

Dealing with Difficult People is a self-guided online video course aimed at helping you learn speak up and choose what’s best for you so you feel calmer and more peaceful.

With the Fundamentals package, you can expect to:

  • Understand what defines a "Difficult Person"
  • Get clarity about your goal in dealing with a Difficult Person
  • Better understanding the Difficult Person in your life
  • Better understanding of yourself as you relate to Difficult People
  • Understand the relationship dynamics between you and the Difficult Person
  • Get clarity about all your options as it relates to the Difficult Person
  • Learn how to maintain relationships with Difficult People that work best for you
  • Learn how to handle push back from Difficult People
  • Review the whole course in just 75 minutes or watch each 12 minute video at your convenience
  • Read through Dealing With Difficult People complete course printable PDF

With the Upgraded package, you can expect to:

Get everything included in the Fundamentals package…

  • Learn to stop "Shoulding" all over yourself
  • Get clarity about what you "Could" do rather than "Should" do in relationships with Difficult People
  • Stop "Shoulding" All Over Yourself printable PDF worksheet

With the Advanced package, you can expect to:

Get everything included in the Advanced package…

  • Deeper dive into ways Difficult People show up with you and how you can remain your "Best Adult Self"
  • Learn how to be your "Best Adult Self" and invite others to meet you there
  • Best Adult Self printable PDF

What To Expect From The Mindfulness Classes

Real Results!

People who have learned our techniques and methods report that not only have we have helped them view life through a new, more mindful, and curious lens, but they also feel equipped with tools for their toolbox that they can use throughout the rest of their lives whenever they are needed.