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The Art of Saying NO

The Art of Saying No is a self-guided online video course aimed at helping you learn to speak up and choose what’s best for you in each new moment!

Reclaim your Time and Energy by thinking differently about boundaries and find out how they can be your BEST FRIEND!

With the Fundamentals package, you can expect to:

  • Get clear about what the goal of saying “No” is, and what it is NOT
  • Learn what it means to say “No”
  • Understand why you keep saying “Yes” so you can better say “No”
  • Get clearn about when to say “No” – Are you being asked for something or offering it?
  • Learn how to set yourself up for success by using simple neuroscience to your benefit when saying "No"
  • Get actual phrases you can use to say "No" in a way that works best for you
  • Learn what to do when people don’t like you saying “No”
  • Review the whole course in just 75 minutes or watch each 12 minute video at your convenience
  • Read through The Art of Saying "No" complete course printable PDF

With the Upgraded package, you can expect to:

Get everything included in the Fundamentals package…

  • Learn how to use your “Shit Shield” to protect you and keep good boundaries with others
  • Learn how over functioning and under functioning play into setting boundaries
  • Over Functioning / Under Functioning printable PDF

With the Advanced package, you can expect to:

Now, for a limited time, for the LOW price of only $44!!! Get everything included in the Advanced package…

  • Learn to set never before thought of boundaries with work that will give you your time and energy back quickly and easily!
  • Boundaries With Work printable PDF

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Real Results!

People who have learned our techniques and methods report that not only have we have helped them view life through a new, more mindful, and curious lens, but they also feel equipped with tools for their toolbox that they can use throughout the rest of their lives whenever they are needed.